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eZee Introduces RAW - Takes PMS to the Web

01 January 2009

Leading IT solutions provider for the IT industry eZee Technosys today added another feather to their cap in the form of eZee RAW, their innovative, cutting-edge solution that takes the traditional property management system to the Internet. The solution is a big leap forward for eZee and PMS solutions as RAW marks an innovation in the hospitality industry.

RAW is an acronym for "Report AnyWhere". The name signifies the unique feature available in the software module, which allows property managers' access to their most important data from any computer that is connected to the Internet. eZee RAW has been designed to be compatible with eZee FrontDesk, the leading PMS from eZee that comes with a host of innovative and cutting-edge features for the hospitality industry.

A first-of-its-kind software for the hospitality industry, RAW connects the property management suite to the internet and makes the reports generated by the software accessible from remote locations. eZee FrontDesk provides the most comprehensive reporting of any PMS currently available. With eZee RAW, these reports now become fully mobile.

RAW introduces a much needed functionality for hotel owners and managers who are not always in a position to stick around in their offices. However, they still need to review reports on regular basis to keep tabs on the working of their properties. With eZee RAW, all these managers need is a computer with an Internet connection and they would be able to receive all the important data and reports about the performance of their property from anywhere across the world.

eZee RAW introduces a whole new level of technological advances for the hospitality industry, which has traditionally been one of static reporting and data sharing. Based on the latest web development platforms, RAW makes property management and reporting truly mobile and frees property owners and managers to focus their attention on business development and guest satisfaction.