Case Studies

eZee Technosys Creates History; Offers FrontDesk in Four International Languages

25 August 2008

eZee Technosys have staked their claim as a leader in the hospitality IT solutions industry by creating history in the property management suites. eZee recently launched their proprietary hotel management solution eZee FrontDesk in four international languages.

Originally developed in English, eZee FrontDesk has taken the hospitality industry by storm with its range of innovative features and thoughtful modules. Each of these features and modules make life lot easier for hotel and property owners, managers, and staff. Within a brief span of three years, the PMS has been successfully installed and made operational in more than 1,000 hotels across 65 countries worldwide.

Our Facebook App gives the hotel full control over their Facebook presence so that your Facebook fans can search for availability and book directly with your hotel safely and securely all within the Facebook environment.

Responding to the strong demand for the software solution from regional markets, eZee Technosys have added language support for four more international languages to eZee FrontDesk. These include French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. Other than English, these four are the most widely used languages worldwide. With support for these languages available by default, eZee FrontDesk becomes a truly global solution. It is also the first PMS for the hospitality industry to offer multi-language support.

Providing details about the new feature and the idea behind the language support, head of IT and Development for eZee Mr. Vipul Kapoor, said, "English might be the universal language, but our interactions with clients revealed that there is a strong demand for support in other languages too. This was confirmed by many of our reselling partners. So we decided to work on language support and have so far successfully added four languages. Our developers and language experts are working on five more languages that will soon be added to the suite."

"While language support in itself is a first for the hospitality industry, we have gone a step further with eZee FrontDesk. We have placed command of language support firmly in the hands of the people using the system. Our advanced language engine allows users to introduce translations to one of the four languages as per actual usage. So users can easily add slang words or language specific acronyms without any need to contact our technical team. We are highly excited about this unique feature and are already receiving rave reviews from clients who have been testing it out."