Hardware Products

eZee specializes in developing and providing hospitality IT solutions and one of the only few who provide complete set of solutions. Solutions from eZee are seamlessly integrated making them easier to implement without disrupting the business environment.

Below is the list of all the software offerings from eZee:

MyKad ID Reader Device

MyKAd is the National Identity card issued by the Malaysian Government to all Malaysian citizens and Permanent residence in the country. Majority of the businesses are required to have MyKad ID Reader Devices for identification and it is one of the most important hardware requirements in the hospitality. eZee Malaysia has the experience and will guide you in choosing the best hardware solution for your business.

ID Scan Passport Scanner

ID Scan Passport Scanner is another essential piece of hardware for hospitality business. With more tourists coming in Malaysia from all across the world, this hardware will scan and store images of any passport and store the data in your database. eZee will assess your business requirement and offer the best ID Scan Passport Scanner.

Computer Hardware & Servers

eZee Malaysia carries years of experience when it comes to hardware solutions for hospitality industry and every business is unique and so are the requirements. Given the diverse nature, we will select the best and the most cost effective hardware solution, which includes desktop hardware, monitors, servers, etc. eZee will guide you in setting up the most productive hardware model matching your requirements and help you achieve new level of efficiency.

Touch Screen Point Of Sales Terminals

One of the most important trends in recent years for the hospitality businesses, the touch based POS terminals are one of the most cost effective and time saving hardware for the industry. With eZee products compatible with majority of the POS terminals in the industry, we can provide the right guidance in choosing the best hardware solution for your business when it comes to POS Terminals.

Hand Held PDA Devices

Hand Held PDA devices are one of the most highly and widely used hardware in the hospitality sector. Widely used in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pubs, etc. they are ideal choice for fast-paced environments to increase the operational efficiency and deliver customers the best service. eZee software is fully compatible with all touch based hand held PDA devices.

Finger Print Reader

Finger Printer Readers are mainly used in POS software for keeping up with the time and attendance of the staff. eZee products are compatible with the majority of the finger print readers in the market and provide the best recommendation depending on your property.